Civil Society Organisation of Budatétény

Public Benefit Organisation


Budapest-Capital Regional Court: 9. Pk.60.667/1995

Location and mailing address: 1222 Budapest, Lévay u. 5.

President: Kolláthné Rita Hollósy
 dr Lajosné Zatykó and Pál Lévai


A Brief Summary of Civil Society Organisation in
Budatétény’s Activities

Civil Organisation
of Budatétény was founded in 1995. The objective of our activities is the
preservation of natural, historical and cultural values of Budatétény.

We perform our  public benefit activity in accordance with the provisions of the Act CLXXV, 2011 and the general education
agreement reached by the Local Government of XXII District in Budapest and the
Civil Organisation of Budatétény (BPK).

We have commemorated
the Hungarian soldiers slain at Don Bend
our foundation in January each year
. and organise Heroes’ Sunday in St Stephen Church in Budatétény in May.

For the ten-year anniversary of the
foundation of Budatétény  Civil Society we
have founded the Memory Plaquette for
. Every year it is given to a person or an association who have
done something extreme for Budatétény.


Since 2003 we have regularly organised a
programme called Rózsaünnep (Rose
) in the Rosarium located on the area of  the State
Fruit and Ornamental Plant
Research and Experimental Development Nonprofit Limited
Liability Company (Ltd.)

Mushroom Day
means introducing the mushroom cellars and the mushroom breeding typical for
the area.


Since 2003 we have organised Szent Mihály Day (St Michael’s Day),
which is an informative, cultural and sport event consisting of more

Till  November 2006 we had organised our programmes
(done our activities ) in St Emeric Community House and  from 2006 to 2011 we worked in Radóczy Mária
Gallery. Our programmes called ’Telling
and ’Artists are among Us’ took
place mostly on this spot.


At present we rent an office in Dűlő Cellar (19/a
Dézsmaház Street Budapest 1223) and have our programmes on the prominent
premises of Budatétény. In order to help the Hungarians living over the borders
we have had a more-year relationship with Kárpátalja in Ukraine. We also
cooperate with The Green Future Environmental Protection Association in order
to protect natural values and with
Budatétény Sport Club to preserve the memory of vitéz Endre Pokorny and
popularize sport life.


Our supporter is The Local Government
of XXII District in Budapest. We make an educational agreement with them every
year, undertaking organisation of events. We regularly submit applications as





Our Publications:


a publication issued periodically in conjunction with The Green Future
Environmental Protection Association

In 1998 we published a work titled
Tétény­Plateau by Dr. Zoltán
It describes the natural resources, the history, the
botanical and zoological treasures of the plateau.


2009  György Sarnóczay: Villas in  Erzsébet királyné Street

2011 György Sarnóczay:
Social Life in Kistétény at the Beginning of the Century

2011 György Sarnóczay: Breadcrumbs
from Budatétény

2014 György Sarnóczay:  Cemetery in Budatétény 1875­1988

Manuscript that you can read on the website of The Local Government of XXII
District in Budapest)

events are open and free to everybody!

We would like to thank all our generous supporters who have helped the activity of our association with 1 % of
their tax!

Tax number: 18233573 ­1­ 43


accept your donation or membership fee at

OTP Bank: 11722003­20030607 account number

Thank you:
Management of Budatétény Civil Society